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Here They Are

The new presses are made to a new design that reduces the cost of manufacture but does not affect the way they work,

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New A3 Size Etching Presses available soon

As I promised a while ago I would be making some more presses. I have come up with a new way of manufacturing that has cut the cost dramatically

pictures and prices to follow soon. I have been testing the new designs and I am very happy with the results.

Etching Press

I have just sold the last press, I will be making some more. If you are interested please let me know so I can make enough for you all. I will also be making some design changes to make the press even better value.

New Product Under Test

Stone / Plate Lithography Pressure Roller

This is a new Idea for Stone Lithography and Plate Lithography that does away with the scraper bar and the need to use a lubricant.  It fits into the press the same way as the scraper bar does and is only slightly deeper so you can still use all your stones…

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New Products

Bramble Hook.

A new product from an idea by Richard Lawson  With a few changes to the original design the bramble hook is a very efective way to cut brambles, so easy that it can become addictive so be warned! They are only available from Richard,  so give one…

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